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What is paid social?

Paid social is a digital marketing channel that allows you to display targeted ads or marketing messages across popular social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) to target a specific audience and meet your business goals. With organic posts gaining less traction, paid social media now provides the perfect platform for getting in front of your customers while they’re spending time on social channels. 

A paid social strategy can help you to build your brand awareness and improve organic reach. But it’s not just about getting your brand in front of potential customers: paid social media ads can drive conversions if they’re done right.

The problem is, getting results from paid social campaigns is like climbing a mountain made out of sand. The social marketing landscape is an ever-changing terrain and sometimes, those marketing goals can feel a long way off. That’s where we come in.

We build a data driven social media strategy that works by using the right channels and targeting audiences relevant to your brand. Whether you want to extend the reach of your content marketing, sell products or create brand awareness, social media marketing provides different types of ads to help you meet your goals.

Supercharge your social media posts and watch the clicks roll in

How we help

We are a paid social media agency that can take care of your paid social campaigns alongside your other activities or as a standalone activity to help you reach your target audience, meet your business goals and optimise your ad spend. 

Your content could be the smartest, funniest, and most insightful kid on the block. But if no one sees it, or the wrong types of people see it – it’ll all be for nothing. Organic social media will help you to build a brand presence but paid social ads can help to reach even more people and drive sales for your business. 

Paid social media advertising gets your posts in front of more people. Not just any Tom, Dick and Harry, though: people who are looking for someone just like you. 

No matter which social network you choose, from LinkedIn ads to Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising, we can take care of your existing channels and look for opportunities for your brand in new social media platforms too.

We combine demographic and psychographic data to create a profile of your audiences, then whip up eye-grabbing content and serve it up to the people who want it, at the right time. Making sure your audience engages with your ads is our top priority and so is following best practice for social media ads.

We like data, and we like making things better. So once your ad campaign is live, we monitor and measure it, then create a feedback loop that goes a little something like this: launch, measure, improve, repeat. This isn’t just a good way to get more likes. It’s revenue-critical. 

We help you from the very beginning. From making sure you’re optimising your content for the social platform you’re using (think tagging, word counts, and cross-promotion), to ad creation and tracking. We’ll take care of it all for you.

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    Increased the number of leads through Paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns


    Increase in leads


    Higher conversion rate


    Drop in the cost per lead

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      Social media advertising involves the advertiser paying to display ads or sponsored messages on social media platforms and show them to a specifically targeted audience. PPC ads, display ads, and branded or influencer content are all examples of paid social media ads. Paid and organic social media can work together to build brand awareness and drive conversions for your business.
      When placing an ad on Facebook, you start by selecting an audience by demographic, location, and profile information. You then set your budget and bid per click or per 1000 impressions.
      Facebook ads and Instagram ads can both be managed through Ads Manager or Power Editor. After selecting your audience, setting your budget, and placing your ad, you can choose to display it on either platform or both.
      LinkedIn ads can be a great investment for B2B businesses. They are slighly more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, but usually yield higher value leads.


      What our clients say about us

      Eurofit Direct Mark and the team at Logica have done an excellent job with our PPC account management. Logica have maintained a successful Google Ads account for many years, meeting KPI targets, assisting with product launches along with website audits from a SEO & site structure perspective.

      Steven James, Director

      Eurofit Direct

      UniHomes Logica started working with us in October 2020, focusing on our Paid Search and Social campaigns during our peak business period.  We are very pleased with their approach to creating, optimising and growing the campaigns, and have seen brilliant results.

      Emma, Head of Marketing


      Home CCTV When we started working with Logica they took time to really understand our business and put together a plan for PPC and SEO that would generate sales appointments.We have been impressed with the approach to their work with us, ensuring that we are kept up to date with the performance, with detailed reports and constant ongoing communication

      Darren, Founder & Director

      Home CCTV

      G3 Remarketing I have partnered with Mark at Logica for 10+ years on numerous PPC projects and he is still my 'go to' guy when it comes to Google and social paid ads - in fact, we have just successfully launched another campaign together. His level of detail for pre-launch setup and on-going bid management is of a very high standard, but it's his great customer service that makes working with him and his team a breeze.Highly recommended 👍

      Gareth, Marketing Director

      G3 Remarketing

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